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Seaweed extract powder
Seaweed extract powder (fertilizers)
Seaweed extract powder (fertilizers)
•A natural and active fertilizer with high quality
The core ingredients in Seaweed Fertilizer, is from naturally grown seaweed extract, which is obtained with specially designed biochemical processes from carefully selected seaweed. Thanks to the technology, the active components are extracted which include non-nitrogen organic substances, and more than 40 mineral elements including K, Ca, Mg, Fe, Zn, I and other ingredients. The extract is rich in vitamins, alga polysaccharides, alginic acids, highly unsaturated fatty acids, various plant growth regulators such as IAA, cytokinins, gibberellins, and polyphenols, antibiotics, some of which are unique in seaweed and biologically very active, and will promote unspecific regulating factors inside plant and regulate internal balance of plant hormones.
•Readily absorption by plants
The active ingredients in Seaweed Fertilizer are in small molecules after treatment with special processes, and are easily taken up and rapidly translocated by plants.2-3hours after application, they are detectable in plants. The alginic acids in Seaweed Fertilizer form a thin film on the plant surface, which can maximize the uptake of nutritional substances by the plants.
•Environment friendly
As natural product, Seaweed Fertilizer have high affinity to plants, no side effect to crops, and harmless to both human and animals. The fertilizers are superior to other kinds of fertilizers and the best choice for organic farming.
•Naturally derived soil conditioner
Seaweed Fertilizer contains naturally derived soil conditioning materials and enzymes, which will promote microbial activities and ,specially, benefit microorganisms in soil, act as the ameliorator to improve soil fertility and reduce the soil pollution of pesticides.
•A multi-functional organic fertilizer
Seaweed Fertilizer, developed by integration of plant nutrients, antibiotics, and plant growth regulators, are biologically active. They have low cost, high effectiveness, ready availability, and synergic effect, and they are known as perfect and most useful products from seaweed processing.
Seaweed Fertilizer specification
Form: powder
Color: black/dark brown
Odour: smell of seaweed
Alginic Acid:≥10.0%
Store in cool area(5-40℃).Avoid light, moisture and heat.
Packing:20kg/polybag or 20kg/carton
Storage: 5-40℃ prevent from the sun
Packing: 20KG plastic woven bag or 20KG paper carton
Category Period Method Function
Vegetables tomato,cucumber, cabbage, spinach,eggplant and pimiento etc Seedling, growing and mature By weight in proportion as 1:800-1000 to make with water into liquid then sprinkle the plants, 7-10days one time. Increase the chlorophyll content,thickness of blade; enhance the ability to resist disease and pest;strengthen fruitage.Increase output about 30%.
Fruits muskmelon,water- melon,stawberry, apple,pear,jujube, citrus,longan and banana etc. Sprouting, growing and mature By weight in proportion as 1:800-1000 to make with water into liquid then sprinkle the plants,7- 10days one time. Enhance the ability to resist disease and pest;stimulate the maturity of fruitage;im- prove quality and delay greenness time.Increase output about 15-35%.
Grains and cottons maize,paddies, wheat,cottons, rape and tobacco plants etc. Sprouting,fruc- tification and mature. By weight in proportion as 1:800-1000 to make with water into liquid then sprinkle the plants,7- 10days one time. Make the coarse grain more and big;enhance the ability to resist disease,pest and draught.Increase output about 10%.
Flowers and plants,grassplot and nursery stock Seedling and growing By weight in proportion as 1:1200-1500 to make with water into liquid then sprinkle the plants,15days one time. Stimulate growing;advance and delay florescence;en- hance the ability to resist draught and coldness.
Other economic plants seed soaking By weight in proportion as 1:1000 to make with wa- ter into liquid then soak the seed for 12hours,fish out it to sow. Stimulate sprouting;im- prove seedling rate;enhance the ability to resist draught and disease.
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