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Molecular weight: 182.17
Molecular formula: I2 Molecular weight: 253.8
Iodine is the basic material in synthesizing organic of inorganic iodide, and is the essential element for human body, animal of plant. Widely used in pharmaceutical, agricultural, dyestuff, metallurgical, rubber synthesizing, national defense, high-tech industry etc.
1. Iodine has strong germicidal and disinfection effect, mainly used in medical
Tincture of iodineï¼›5ï¼…-10ï¼…concentration of iodine dissolved in alcoholï¼›Iodine solution of potassium iodide dissolved in water, used in remedy for wound, costalitis, tonsilitis, chronic arthritis, fracture etc. Also used in finger disinfection by surgical workers, goiter, arteriosclerosis, chronic intoxication, sleeping medicine, substitute in dehumidifying plasm etc.
Potassium iodide, sodium iodide and compound iodine solution can be used to cure goitre, preparation prior to hyper-thyroidism operation. Due to the less effect of potassium iodide for heart, it can also be used in remedy for heavy metal poisoning, tertiary great pox.
Iodine has special resistance against radioelement, thus oil iodide can be contrast agent of X light. Iodine is also the antidotal agent for radiation.
2. Agriculturally, iodine is the material for pesticide.
4-iodinephenoxy acetic acid can stimulate the growth of crops remarkably. Vegetables, fruits and crops sprayed with iodine solution(1 of 20000)can be prevented from worm-eaten, can grow rapidly with higher yield.
Silver iodide is used as the atomizing agent in artificial rain.
3. In dyestuff industry, iodine is the material to synthesize organic dyestuffs.
Such as tar dye of phthalein and pigment of cyanine. Common dye: ingredients with iodine: diiodofluorescein, erythrosine, diiodoeosin, rose bengale, cyanine
4. In lighting industry
Tungsten-iodine lamps made from iodine give strong light. Ingium iodide and thallium iodide are used to make colorful light lamps.
5. In food industry
Sodium iodate can improve the quality of bread, potassium iodate can be additive in salt. Iodalbin added in feedstuffs can prevent against various diseases.
6.Iodine is used in chemical industry as catalyzer
in chemical synthesizing industry, used to synthesize methane iodide, ethane iodideï¼›In metallurgical industry, iodine is used to refine high purity metal titanium, cobalt, silicon and germaniun.
Item Chinese Pharmacopoeia Edition 2000 Britain Pharmacopoeia 1998 American Pharmacopoeia24
class CP2000 BP1998 USP24 COMPANY’S LIMIT
PURITY% 99.5Min 98.5Min 99.8Min ≥97.5
CHLORIDE BL BROMIDE% ≤0.014 ≤0.025 ≤0.028 ≤0.07
NONVOLA-TILE MATTER% ≤0.05 ≤0.1 ≤0.05 ≤0.3
SULPHATE% ≤0.030 / / ≤0.06
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